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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Love..I Still want to feel it..

I want to feel your hand in mine,
Your hand holding mine so tight.
A bond we share to show we care.
To show that life is right..

I want to feel your face so close,
Your cheek right next to mine.
Our faces one against the other,
Saying "I love you" without whispering a single line..

I want to feel the warmth of your breath
As you stand right next to me.
With every breath you take
Caressing my skin so subtlely..

I want to feel your strong chest,
The beating of your heart.
The heart telling me that love is there
And that we'll never be apart..

I want to feel all of your body
As you lie right by my side.
The security of your closeness
Reassuring me I don't have to hide..

I want to feel love for you
And the fulfillment that this will give.
I want to feel that love again.
Without it, I can't live...

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