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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Love n' Marriage..

I can look and see,
Beyond all possibility,
The two of us together,
Now and forever...

"And till death do us part,"
Are the words that form the start,
Of a love far beyond dreams,
And much more than it may seem.

Our hands form a bond,
Un-broken throughout our song,
And the cries inside my mind,
Are silenced for all of time.

The world is full of harm,
But you are safe within my arms,
We continue our beginning as friends,
Yet now something so much more has been sent.

The preacher reads his book,
And between us, passes a look,
Full of love and devotion,
And promises of fiery emotion.

A ring held in my hand,
And before me you stand,
Do I take you, my life,
To be my lawfully wedded husband..

What more could i ask for..
But to hold you forevermore,
Do I always want to be with you..
Of course i do.

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