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Monday, July 14, 2008

Someone I need~..

To find love is to fulfill a life.
To feel love is to feel alive.
Butterflies may break into smiles
Until familiarity brings everlasting bliss.
Flawless flaws are overcome with fidelity
And being together is of utmost importance.

I need someone to hold my hand.
I need someone to understand.
I need someone to help me up
I need someone who'll see what's up.
I need someone to make me laugh.
I need someone to who's not my half.
I need someone equal to me.
I need someone to with whom I can be.
I need someone to trust.
I need someone not about lust.
I need someone to be my hero.
I need someone with whom I'm not a zero.
I don't need someone in shining armour

Tired from thinking on it so much.Willing to wake next to it everyday.
Sick of opening kindled eyes to no one,
Looking for someone for whom to say,"I love you."

.:Already have someone that say he loves me so much..And I love Him so much too!!~:.

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13may said...

moga berbahagia selalu :)