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Thursday, June 26, 2008

I need you~....

I made a prayer to God
To send me a man that I could love
I was looking down every day, down into the mud
but I am looking up at the sky now
Your smile alone makes me happy
and it makes everything ok
My mind is blown away by the winds of your love
The light of your touch shatters the darkness in my heart
Your love is all I have left to believe in, all I choose to believe in
Your love brought life into my dead heart,
and for that I am forever yours..
I shall do my best again today
Let gain the strengh not to be defeated
For the sake of the person whom I love..
I would do anything ~..
To make Him happy, see Him smile
When He's gone, I feel empty
When I hear His laugh, I feel myself smile
I'll love him not matter what...
"My love...One n Only in my heart..The kiss you gave me is the one that sealed out fate, the kiss i gave you is the one that showed you my love..The kiss is that i wanted to share with you, the kiss is what i wanted to share till our death...You're forever in my heart and forever there you'll stay... (^_^) "

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