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Thursday, September 4, 2008

If you Were Here..

If you could see through my eyes, to see what I was thinking,
you’d see that I was thinking of you..

If you could see my hand, and read what’s written all over it, your name in pink,
the color of love, would be all you could see..

If you could go underneath my skin,
and see the pain I’m going through when you’re away..

If you would know why I dance in the rain,
only to hide my tears. .

If you could see the invisible barrier that separates us,
the cold ice that wont melt..

If you would know how hard it is to survive in a world
where a smile won’t change a thing..

If you knew how much it hurt to see you slip away,
from reality... from me..

If you heard me whisper “goodnight” to the moon,
because I knew you were there..

If you would let me hold you one last time,
because you loved me... don’t slip away..

If you knew that you are always in my heart,
no matter what..

Love hurts, but it can be heals faster,
even it will leave a trace...

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